Learns to Rock Take Me To Your Heart [guitar Tab] [Michael Learns to Rock]

  • 曲:
  • 詞:
  • Key:
  • Beat:4/4
  • 難度:初學
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Key is not defined.

| F 
| Dm 
( ) 
| Bb 
( ) 
| C 
( )
Hiding from the rain and snow
Trying to forget but I won't let go
Looking at a crowded street
Listening to my own heart beat
| Dm 
( )So many people all around the world 
( ) 
| Bb 
( ) 
( ) 
| F 
( )
|Dm    Am |Gm    C
 Tell me where do I find someone like you girl
   |F     Dm
Take me to your heart take me to your soul
      |Bb      C Give me your hand before I'm old
  |F     Dm
Show me what love is - haven't got a clue
  |Bb     C
Show me that wonders can be true
|Am    Dm
They say nothing lasts forever
|Gm   C
We're only here today
|Am  Dm
Love is now or never
|Gm   C
Bring me far away
   |F Dm
Take me to yourhearttake me to yoursoul
|Bb   C Give me yourhandand hold me
   |F  Dm
Show me what love is - be my guiding star
|Bb C      |F
It's easy take me to your heart