My Name is Ng Yip Kwan [吳業坤]

  • 曲:吳業坤
  • 詞:吳業坤
  • Key:C
  • Beat:4/4
  • 難度:初學
  • Arranged By Kermit Tam


|C   G
My name is Ng Yip Kwan
|Am     Em
You can call me Kwan
|F   C   |F   G
I do not have a good english name.
|C   G
Myname isNgYip Kwan
|Am     Em
Youcan call meKwan
|F  C  |F - G     C |C7
I do have a bad namewhich is James
F      G    Em   Am
Sometimes i wanna have a better one
But i've got only
( ) one 
( ) 
( )
F     G    C G/B Am
Sometimes my Friends call me 占士
F    Fm     G
Do you know its very embarrass
|C  G |Am
I dont wanna be~~~~
    |F    G  |C
something like Peter Paul Or 占士
|C G |Am
    |F    G  |C
something like Tony Tom Or 占士